Versado Headquarters

When it came time to build our headquarters office in Raleigh, North Carolina, it was only natural that attention to detail would be top of mind.

Meet Vee: Versado’s Robot Mascot

Meet Vee: Versado’s Robot Mascot

Every good company needs a public face, right? Not long ago, Versado decided a brand mascot might make our “custom training company specializing in the life science arena” a bit more relatable. But what type of mascot would be up to the task of representing the...

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Helen Kellock

Senior Graphic Designer

Josh Barricklow


Tiffany Jones

Creative Director, Instructional Design

Beth Ellsworth

Director of Operations

Kally Swibes

Executive Learning Producer

Nicole Bulloch

Senior Instructional Designer

Jordan Leino

Creative Director, Design

Curtis Stanford

Executive Learning Strategist