Fueling the learning process with targeted resources.

Fueling the learning process with targeted resources.

When we design targeted learning resources, these are some of the core principles that guide our success:


  • Informed by the latest science of learning
  • Accessible across devices for viewing wherever, whenever
  • Easy to navigate┬áto the desired information
  • Practically organized and packaged for integration into everyday workflow of a busy employee
  • Expertly written and accurate content to ensure the expertise, compliance, and impact of employee knowledge and skills
  • Trackable to assess learner completion, progress, and forward planning

Foundational Modules

Clear, concise, need-to-know content provides the foundation for success through learning.

Supplemental Backgrounders

Instill confidence in learners when and where they need a little more depth of knowledge.

Interactive eLearnings

Create immersive environments and real-world scenarios that help the learner apply their knowledge in a context.

Workbooks + Worksheets

Spark individualized learning with FAQs, case studies, user guides, learning journals, activities, etc.

Executive + Clinical Summaries

Targeted key concepts that efficiently and effectively cover the bases.

Manager Reinforcement Tools

Provide busy managers with the tools they need to reinforce key messages, skills, knowledge, and attitudes.