Project Management Series

Nov 26, 2018 | Training, Work Culture

by Kally Swibes & Nicole Bulloch

Post #5 of 6: Communication

Day-to-Day Tools for Balancing Speed, Quality, and Costs

Project Success = Quality Work Delivered On Time and Within Budget

By combining knowledge from instructional design and project management, we have put together an equipment checklist of key structures needed to meet deadlines while also ensuring quality and maximizing profit in your day-to-day management of a project.

Equipment Checklist:




Review Process


Check-In Meetings


Communication Plan


Budget Strategy

“Communication is the real work of leadership.” Nitin Nohria

Successful project management hinges on the facilitation of productive, positive, and honest communication among internal and client teams. All aspects of this triad are at risk of being compromised if open communication is missing, and this can ultimately have a negative impact on the quality of a project.

It is especially important for the internal team to feel comfortable explaining to the client considerations that need to be taken when timelines are proposed, and push back if timing will diminish the project quality. Project success happens when both the internal team and client team feel like partners working toward the same goal, and they are comfortable enough with each other to be honest about potential pitfalls.

By keeping communication positive and productive during weekly check-in meetings, you allow the internal and client teams the opportunity to clear up any outstanding questions in order to hit the mark moving forward. There often isn’t time for multiple rounds of review or for the writers or clients to be unclear or unsure in their visions. Being able to talk through any uncertainties together, as a united team, promotes project success and confidence in the internal team to create the highest quality product.

Join us for our final post, the sixth in this series, as we discuss budget strategy and its role in project success.

Kally Swibes

Executive Learning Producer

Nicole Bulloch

Senior Instructional Designer