Meet Vee: Versado’s Robot Mascot

Every good company needs a public face, right? Not long ago, Versado decided a brand mascot might make our “custom training company specializing in the life science arena” a bit more relatable. But what type of mascot would be up to the task of representing the...

What Makes a Great Workshop?

When pharmaceutical sales representatives gather for learning at a workshop, it takes precious time from their jobs in the field. How can you maximize that time and investment in live training events to help participants succeed in the field?

Elizabeth Barricklow

Chief Learning Strategist

Helen Kellock

Chief Visual Design Strategist

Jennifer Even Melton

Chief Instructional Editor

Josh Barricklow

Co-Founder & Partner

Zach Barricklow

Co-Founder & Partner

Tiffany Jones

Director Learning Production

Joel Barricklow

Director Digital Learning

Cynthia Redwine

Director of Finance and Operations