What Makes Our Team Different?

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Core Values, Work Culture

We are small but mighty. We accomplish a lot at a quick-but-steady clip. Things run smoothly and efficiently because of the relationships we have among our teammates. We trust one another, care for one another, and lean on one another. We do this because of the strong bonds that we have built.

The Versado team puts forth a tremendous amount of time and energy in getting to really know each other. This can sometimes feel awkward when we bring in new team members and begin asking questions about their family and hobbies. We genuinely want to be able to relate on a personal level. We want to know your dog’s name and your child’s favorite food. We take the first portion of every internal call to catch up, share pictures, talk about kids and weekends, and share new recipes. This valuable time together fosters an empathic and cohesive working environment, despite many of us working from different locations.

What do we do when we know such intimate details as everyone’s pets’ allergies, but our offices are scattered across three countries? We regularly bring everyone together for three days of fun and collaboration, of course! For example, we hold a company bowling tournament, engage in a few meetings, eat good food, sip cocktails, and swap stories. Or to truly test our bonds, we lock small groups together to see how well they can collaborate their way out of an escape room.

Our ever-problem-solving team blocks time on our personal and professional calendars to meet in person annually and make magic happen. The specifics of the agenda vary each year, but the consistent thread that ties these meetings together is a focus on team bonding. Each POA (Plan of Attack), as we call them, has been beneficial in its own unique moment in time. Why does Versado aim to have these meetings in person? Because we value our people, and our company is built on a solid foundation of trust.

Of course, we have differences of opinion and the occasional argument, but we treat them as opportunities to exchange feedback. More so, we welcome it. Despite being human and subject to its flaws, these moments don’t feel confrontational because we trust each other. For example, we recently had a session about being honest with one another. We took time to learn the best way to say, “I am having a rough day,” and simply knowing that your teammates will have your back versus being critical goes a long way.

Versado doesn’t claim to be perfect. We are living and learning like everyone else. We see mistakes as learning experiences that enable us to grow and adapt to avoid making them again. What makes Versado different is that our people are the core of our business, and while many businesses make this claim, we live and breathe it every day.