Versado Gives Back

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Core Values, Work Culture

March 2020 was a month that shook the world with fear, drastic changes, and uncertainty for the future. The spread of COVID-19 forced a global shift in the way work was conducted. Many businesses that operated through face-to-face interactions were forced into a frenzied and uncharted transition to a virtual workspace. For Versado Training, a company that was already working virtually with employees around the globe, it was business as usual at the surface level. However, we were all affected by the pandemic on a personal level; not just by children, spouses, and pets now joining us in our home offices, but by watching our families, friends, and communities cope with the fallout of COVID-19. Schools were closed, weddings were postponed, and jobs were lost. As we tried to support our clients through this upheaval, Versado CEO Josh Barricklow was hatching a plan to boost company morale and make a positive impact on our communities.

Giving back has been a part of Versado Training’s culture since its inception. The Versado Foundation, Versado Training’s non-profit sister company, was founded alongside the training company to serve local and global communities. Its intent has always been to create a positive social impact and fuel philanthropic giving among Versado Training employees. Each year, employees are encouraged to make recommendations to Versado Foundation’s board to donate money to an organization of their choosing. Beyond that allocation of Versado Training’s profits, Versado Training matches personal funds contributed by eligible Versado Training employees. Every year, Versado employees are able to support causes they have a personal connection to.

One Friday in April, while the world continued to reel from the impact of COVID-19, all employees received a surprising email from CEO Josh Barricklow that immediately had us buzzing. Versado Training was committing to giving $10,000 away within a week. All we had to do was pick a meaningful charity, send the charity’s website to Versado Foundation, and prepare for a team meeting by taking a picture of our families with a sign depicting which charity we had chosen.

Challenge accepted! Employees chose charities including the Special Olympics, Feeding America, the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and many, many more. On a team call the following week, we took turns sharing why each charity was important to us. Many donated to food banks and organizations visibly impacted by COVID-19, while others donated to causes that have been indirectly impacted by fundraiser cancellations and other losses of income. Needless to say, there were plenty of teary eyes at the end of that call.

Employees at Versado Training are proud to work at a company that promotes donating funds to worthy organizations, especially during times of crisis. As the year has continued to unfold and other causes and crises have stood out as needing support, employees have been encouraged to again team up with the Versado Foundation to donate yearly funds to organizations that each employee finds meaningful. Most recently, the Black Lives Matter movement has generated group discussion around how employees can donate to the cause. Having an open forum to discuss important matters and contribute financially to organizations is part of how Versado strives to uphold its values: Build People Up, Lead the Way, Make It Simple, and Be Your Best You.