Our Core Values

by | May 9, 2017 | Core Values, Training

Here at Versado our four Core Values are the guiding principles that govern everything we do.

We always view people as people.  To us, people are not just clients, vendors, contractors or reviewers; they are people with families, careers, and all of the complexities of life that we too bring with us each day. Versado team members empower others to be great by setting them up for success; giving them what they need to succeed, not just what they ask for.

The Versado Team leads people to SOLUTIONS. We think strategically and creatively, but most importantly we are proactive in finding mutually beneficial solutions to problems.

Our team works diligently to keep things simple. We simplify for our clients in order to create stream-lined solutions which we deliver on-time and on-budget. We simplify training so that the end-product has a strong impact for the user. We simplify for ourselves and those we work with to filter out the chaos!

We work hard to find satisfying, genuine, and professional ways to be ourselves at work.  We encourage our team to architect their own personal environment, schedule, learning, and to ensure they make time to rest and recover. We believe a happy, thriving team is one made up of people who feel supported to be truly themselves. This approach also ensures we capitalize on the particular strengths of our team members and allows us to liberate those who work with us to feel they can be themselves as well.

Our values are so important to us they are literally all over our walls!