We design smart, custom learning solutions.

We specialize in the life sciences.

We impact strategic business outcomes.

We craft learning strategy, content, design and deployment.

We design learning strategy, content, and deployment to impact business outcomes.

Leadership Team

Josh Barricklow


Michael Chorba

VP of Sales & Finance

Liz Herman

VP of Creative Services

Kally Swibes

VP of Learning Production

Rebekah Barricklow

Director of Finance

Jordan Leino

Creative Director

Nancy Weitzman

Executive Learning Producer

Nick Bulloch

Executive Learning Producer

Heather Seale

Learning Producer

Karen Civitello

Learning Producer

Deana Weaver

Learning Producer

Curtis Stanford

Executive Learning Strategist

Nicole Bulloch

Director of Instructional Design

Beth Angel

Editorial Director

Sammi Weaver

Instructional Designer

Rachell McDonald

Associate Learning Producer

Partner with us to create training that sparks change.

Our Philosophy

Doing our best work for our clients begins with cultivating a healthy and engaging work environment for ourselves. We aim to be our best each day and build each other up. We look for opportunities to lead the way while always being willing to listen and serve. For us, for our clients, and for the end users of our training we always seek to make it simple. We love to share these values with our clients and partners in hopes that we can make everyone’s work more meaningful and enjoyable.

Our Work

We design smart, custom learning solutions that drive employee alignment, engagement, performance and growth. While we specialize in the life sciences, we serve a wide variety of clients in the Fortune 500, nonprofit social sector, and academia. Our team has a passion for training because it’s a fascinating and rewarding way to impact any organization’s success by creating lasting, positive change in its people.

Our Giving

Empowering others is core to who we are and what we do. Beyond client engagements, our team is passionate about promoting the well-being of others in our global and local communities through philanthropy of various forms and scopes. Versado Foundation was created for this purpose.

Industry Partners

Versado Pets

Hi, I’m Zelda, the newest addition to Heather Seale’s family. I’m a Miniature American Shepherd born August 12, 2020. I love belly rubs, toys and chasing after all the leaves outside in the yard.

Hey there - I'm Linus, the Beagle-Pointer mix. My persons are Nick & Nicole Bulloch. I like playing fetch, rolling over, guarding the house, sleeping, and cleaning up any crumbs that the kids drop on the floor.

Hi there, I’m Ki’en! I’m an exotic longhair, and my hobbies include sleeping, eating, and cuddling. I love getting groomed and collecting blankets. My person is Deana, and I love that we share an office!

My name is Ike. I'm good at playing frisbee, giving hugs and eating anything left on the kitchen counter! I'm a German Shepherd, and my person is Kally Swibes.

We are Taco & Tank, and we are awesome. We've got a bit of pull around here since our person is the CEO, Josh Barricklow. We are mutts, and we love it.

We are Dino & LIttle Guy. Our pack leader is Beth Angel. Between the two of us, we speak Korean, take naps, accessorize, give warm hugs, make TSA agents giggle, and are a decent moral compass.

I'm Mit... Ohp, sorry, I thought I saw a finger coming at me. As I was saying, I'm Mittens, and as you can tell, I'm a Hermit Crab. My person is Michael Chorba.

Ayo! I'm Clark. I'm a Goldendoodle, just like my half-brother Roscoe. My very favorite person is Beth Ellsworth. Beyond that, I get a kick out of stealing stuffed animals from children, chasing squirrels, and harassing the mailman.

They tell me I'm a Gourami and that my name is Pearl. What's a person? Oh the giant fish in the can't enter space? I believe it goes by Jordan Leino. I spend my time by pretending to play tag while really establishing my dominance in the tank.

Can you please pass the... Yeah... We've heard that one before. As you might guess, we are Salt and Pepper. Our person is Curtis Stanford. Despite our diminutive size and seemingly rigid form factor, we like to get down. You might say, we're good at bringing a bit of seasoning to your life... That one was for free.

I’m Ginger and am quite confused by being surrounded by all of these dogs…where are the people? I most certainly belong with them. Liz Herman is my person and she thinks I am perfect. When I am not cuddled up in her lap or hanging out in her office, I can be found chasing the small people in our home, counter surfing for some real food, or hiding in the closet for a little peace and quiet.

Hi Everyone! I'm Patches. You don't see any patches? That doesn't matter! Is Larry Bird a bird? How would I know? I'm way too young to know who that is? I'm sure he is a bird. But my point is, you can be whoever you want! Or at least that's what my person, Michael Chorba, tells me.