Interactive demos showcasing a fraction of our expertise.

A fraction of our expertise.

Versado offers a variety of turnkey solutions ready for full-scale development and project customization built to meet all of your business needs.


  • Immersive and engaging environments
  • Customized to meet your learning objectives
  • Creatively designed and developed to engage learners

Click on the interactive demos below to experience a sample of our custom eLearnings.

Interactive Pharmacy Shelf

A fully customizable interactive environment with access to product information, approved learning assets, and learning assessments

Annotated Prescribing Information

Interactive Annotated PIs highlight key information directly on the PI for ease of recall during customer conversations.

Learning Labyrinth

Versado’s Learning Labyrinths are fully customizable escape room style games that provide learners an interactive experience in an immersive environment.


Build-An-Infographic interactive modules bring assessments, content, data, and graphics to life with engaging activities and visuals.